Blog Post 7: Claims and Supports

Making the Grade is written from the point of view of a professor after a semester has ended. He is talking about students wanting a higher grade then they really deserve. This article is written in a cause and effect format for parents and other teachers. The student does not put 100% effort into their work (cause), so Professor Wiesenfeld gives them a grade lower than they feel they deserve (effect). This is best shown in paragraph 10 where he mentions a dorm falling down because of a crack in the foundation. These people feel like the can just sit back and have people hand them what they feel they deserve instead of putting the work and effort into it and earning what is given to them.

Bringing up Adultolescents is written for the same audience as the last article, parents who have children just out of college trying to make it on their own. This article talks about the years after a child graduates from college but does not yet have a job that pays enough to support them. So instead of living on their own and struggling, parents are letting them move back in while they look for work. Unfortunately what is happening is the children are being dependent on their parents to provide for them all over again, just like when they were adolescents.

1. Adultolescents are adults who move back in with their parents when they graduate college. They then start to depend on their parents to pay for things they cannot afford and it things end up going back to the way they were before the child went to college. They end up letting life pass them by instead of going out and taking control of their lives.

2. Yes, I believe they do exist. I was actually one of those children who graduated from high school and wanted to live the life I wanted. So instead of going out and making something of myself, I did just the right amount to get by and depended on my parents to provide things for me.

3. Instead of pushing their children out into the world and forcing them to take care of themselves, parents are ‘babying’ them and letting them move back home. Most parents will do anything to make sure there child does not fail, even if it means having them start essentially from the beginning.

4. I think it can be either a good or a bad situation. If the child is taking full advantage of living at home by saving money and working as much as possible, they can benefit from moving back home. If the child just sits back, relaxes and enjoys the ride instead, then it can be a very bad situation where 20 years later you are still living at home.

5. Parents should put a time frame on when the child should be out of the house. They have to make sure their child is doing something to get back out on their own and take care of themselves. The parents provided for them once, they should not have to do it all over again.

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Should poverty be considered child abuse?

The article I read was written by Nicola Jose for a British magazine named Paediatric Nursing. In this article she talks about the differences between poverty and child abuse and how many children are effected. She says that the United Kingdom has a very high child poverty rate and she wants to know what is being done to fix this problem. Children are starving, going to school without the proper attire and then being made fun of for it. Who’s fault is it? That is the main question Jose is trying to have answered. She is also trying to decide whether poverty is society’s fault or the individuals fault. Does society put too much pressure on parents to provide the best for their child? I would say that yes, society does put too much pressure on individuals, but it is the individuals responsibility to use what they have the best they can. They are responsible for themselves and everyone in their families.

This article was not as helpful as I originally thought. I did not realize the author was from the United Kingdom. Though I learned a lot from what Jose said, I did not learn anything about child poverty in the United States. I discovered that poverty and abuse coincide with each other since they are both different forms of abuse. Poverty is abuse due to lack of resources while abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Poverty can be considered as falling under physical and emotional abuse.

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Blog 6: Evaluating Sources

1. Article For and Against Affirmative Action
The purpose of this article is to debate affirmative action and to inform the reader about discrimination at work. The target audience would be students because this is a state university website. The article is posted on a blog site so it has no citations because it is the authors opinion. This page has a copyright date and contact information incase the reader has any questions. I would say this page is a credible source if you want opinion, not fact.

2. Understanding Prejudice
This webpage has a .org address so it is written for an organization which means it could have biased opinions. It doesn’t but instead represents all sides, turning myths into fact or verifying that they are fiction. It is very informative and meant for anyone that wants to learn the truth to things like how affirmative action has helped fix different issues. This page is written by Scott Plous, a professor and a doctor of psychology. This page is copy written, has citations, and has contact information. I would use this page in an instant and believe it is a very credible source.

This page is a complete hoax. After doing some further research, I discovered that RYT Hospital is a hoax. The first think I noticed about this page is a link for male pregnancy. There are too many elaborate graphics and I cannot take any of the information seriously. There are no citations and there is no contact information.

4. HIV in the United States
This page is a government website with contact information right on the main page. If you scroll to the bottom there is an address, phone numbers, and names incase the reader has any questions. The audience is anyone interested in knowing more about HIV in the United States. It’s purpose is to educate the reader on it’s topic. The sources are scholarly and very credible. All the information can be easily found through any Google search. Since this is a government page written by the CDC, I would say it is a very credible source and would not hesitate to use it.

5. Pregnant Women Can Drink in Moderation
This page has alot of misspelled words and the author uses bad grammar. It is not a very informative page and it is hard to believe what the author is saying because of what we have been taught about being pregnant. The website is written for pregnant women wanting to know about drinking while they are pregnant. I do not know if this information can be found on any other websites and there is only one reference mentioned. It does, however, have a date the page was last written and a copyright date at the bottom of the page. I do not see this as a credible source.

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Responding to a Critique

I found a review done by Roger Ebert on the movie Inception. This movie has been stuck in my head since I first saw it and I thought it was very interesting to read Ebert’s take on it. I chose to read a review by Ebert because he is one of the most well known critics out there and he is seen as a very credible source. The article is written for the Chicago Times online and is aimed more towards adults than it is towards teenagers and younger. Ebert found this movie to be something he had never seen before and he thought that it would be very hard for this movie to be copied due to it’s complexity. He compares this movie to another movie Christopher Nolan directed in the past saying he did a much better job with this movie than the last. I would agree with Ebert and say this is a must see movie! I very much enjoyed reading this review.

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Blog 2- Stew’s On

My first reaction to this was okay, are we supposed to be watching a music video or did I get the assignment wrong? But after he began the performance, though, I started to think about what he was really trying to say. He is trying to tell the audience to stop being racist. Stew was saying that black people are no different from anyone else, so why is it so surprising to see a black man do something other than rap, or cook, or play basketball? In the world these days we have “..Chinese men that play basketball, Germans cooking soul food, white men rapping, and hippies with nappy dreads..” so how is a black man painting, or studying, or listening to Beethoven any different? If other cultures are able to do the things that are traditionally seen as a “black mans game” why can’t black men ski?

I think the performance affected the argument in both positive and negative ways. The negative side would be some could see only the jokes in this, not the point that Stew is trying to make. On the more positive side, it got me to really pay attention to what he was saying. I had to go back and listen to this twice to be able to catch everything that he was saying, but am very glad that I did. I would tell him that his performance was great. That his means of expressing his views and opinions was creative and informative. It got me to pay attention.

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Statement by Alabama Clergymen

A fundamental constitutional right is freedom of speech.  This article describes an opinion formed and brought to the forefront regarding the value of peaceful negotiation rather than confrontational. Interspersed within the article is the issue of color and race.  It all addresses the issue of discrimination.

I support the point of view as addressed in the article.  Non-confrontational approach, although frequently more time consuming and requires thought and strategy it, requires that all parties actively listen and hear the points of view of all sides.  With this approach,it is more likely to receive an outcome everyone can agree with. In my experiences, being able to debate or negotiate with someone in a peaceful and calm way frequently results in an understanding of each side of the argument. Resolution, once attained, has a broader support since more than likely there was  consensus.

It is difficult to say if this opinion would have been convincing at the time of the article.  Birmingham, Alabama was at the heart of the discrimination activities and the peaceful approach may not have received the support necessary to impact the change.  This would have been a different approach to conflict resolution and not similar to the successful measures of that era.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone! My name is Erin and I’m 23. I graduated from Long Reach in 2005. I took some time off to work and play, but have decided it’s time to get some things in my life straightened out, starting with my education. So here I am!

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